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A cigarette break is a kind of a ritual for many people. Cigarettes are often present during the most interesting conversations, making new acquaintances and important moments in one's life. Speaking about cigarettes, we cannot forget about ashtrays, which will keep smoking areas clean. And they do not have be clichéd. Equip your home and garden with designer ashtrays, which will accompany you during parties with friends or while you read an interesting book.



We believe that an ashtray does not have to be an ugly item, which scares off and has a bad smell. Exclusive ashtrays will decorate your rooms, garden or terrace. With their modern, unconventional design, they will rather resemble vases, figures or sculptures than a functional ash container.



Garden ashtrays in the shape of a large, 70 centimetres long cigarette is a perfect example. They resemble the pop-art style, and their meaningful style will certainly delight your guests. A pointed base enables you to sink it into the ground anywhere in your garden, e.g. during a barbecue, a bonfire or a bath in the swimming pool. Other interesting ashtrays are those that remind sculptures, e.g. a blood red lip shaped ashtray. KARE Design Lips ashtray made of iron and dolomite is perfectly suitable for the glamour style, associated with the classic elegance of ladies and gentlemen.



We want to arrange our shop with ashtrays in a way to select products that are not only beautiful and durable, but also highly functional. We have chosen models that have a closing or an opening cover that prevents the escape of excessive smoke and unpleasant smell. Design ashtrays have been selected in a way to fulfil both the aesthetic and functional role.



Modern ashtrays break the stereotype of addiction. They will be a friend to every smoker who want to keep their living room clean and tidy. Eliminate the view of smouldering ash and choose one of our ashtrays. Our products are unique, manufactured in limited editions, therefore do not hesitate and check their availability. If there is an icon with a commercial vehicle (24h), it means that the product is currently in a magazine and we guarantee quick delivery.

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