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Lanterns & Candle Holders

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Lanterns, candlesticks, candles. We can use them to create a nice, intimate atmosphere at the interior. They will help you get relaxed after a difficult day and sooth you when you read a book in the evening. A delicate candle light illuminating a room is magical.



We can, of course, use a regular white tealight placed on a pad, but if we want to design space in a tasteful and sophisticated way, designer lanterns and candlesticks will be very helpful. They can be a great decorative element, both alone and when burning. Selecting this kind of accessories, you should be very careful, as it is very easy to border on kitsch, therefore we have selected for you modern candlesticks made of high class materials. They are elegant, durable and safe.



The combination of shiny glass and an interesting metal structure makes the lantern look elegant. Intriguing design is an element that additionally catches the eye. Such exclusive lanterns will perfectly match glamour and high-tech style or a bit austere style of big-city lofts.



Why is it important to equip your flat with lanterns? The reason is a bit teasing. Apart from the fact that they serve as a decoration, they play a very important role in underlining colours and textures of other interior elements. The warm, yellow light of candles perfectly highlights the colour of paint, the texture of brick wall and the unusual design of furniture. In the light of lanterns, details become stronger, which confirms the familiar truth that proper light in an interior is as important as the design itself.



You don't know which lantern to choose? Check our shop with lanterns, see various designs and colours and choose something that will best match the decor of your flat. The design of out candlesticks can both fit the general style of an interior and serve as a contrasting feature, which will break the style. We know that rules are meant to be broken, especially in the area of interior design. A proper combination of very different styles can produce a new, even more interesting effect. We will achieve this result with cleverly selected details, such as designer and modern lanterns and elegant candlesticks. Try it.

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