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About us

About us

Welcome to 9design! We are here to make your home beautiful. We love good design, unconventional forms and well-designed, delightful interiors. It is our passion, which is reflected in 9design shop. We are glad that you have found us and that you love beautiful interiors, just like us. If you are just starting your experience with furniture and accessories, write or call us – we are always ready to help you!


From the very beginning of the existence of 9design, we have followed the idea of creating a place that is something more than just an on-line shop. A place full of warmth, where everyone feels good ... like home! This is how our Warsaw 9design Shop came into existence. See for yourself and drop in for a coffee. We will help you choose a perfect sofa for your living room, tables that match the sofa or a stunning lamp to be hanged above the dining table. Nothing is impossible for us!


We offer a wide range of original furniture and accessories made by top world brands – Artemide, Flos, LZF, Zuiver, HK Living or Kare Design. New products appear at our shop almost every day. The situation at 9design Shop is equally dynamic. We don't like boredom, therefore we often change the design to make every visit at our shop exciting. We go beyond the framework of a standard shop and can proudly boost the collection of furniture, sofas and upholstered chairs made exclusively at our request. And this is only the beginning of an adventure...