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Technical Lighting | LIGHTING of best brands | Furniture store 9design, showroom Warsaw

Technical Lighting

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The selection of modern, Scandinavian or industrial style lighting for your home may be quite a challenge. Designer technical lamps that are suitable for all above-mentioned styles can be a good idea. Interesting lighting effects can be obtained with the use of technical ceiling, floor and wall lamps. Moreover, their minimalist form will let you diversify the interior design and add an interesting element to it.



Apart from the obvious function of lighting up an interior, technical lamps will be perfect for the creation of a unique atmosphere at your home. They will let you highlight particular details and will influence the proportions of a room. Their small size let you incorporate it in the entire composition, transforming into an integral part of a room. Exclusive reflector-like, technical lamps are a perfect way of creating an intriguing play of light at your home. Technical lighting will be preferred by those who value minimalism, spacious interiors and simplicity, as it will allow them to arrange space even without the use of unnecessary equipment or furniture.



At 9design you will find modern technical lamps from well-known European manufacturers, such as Shilo, KASPA or Aquaform. Thus, buying at our shop, you choose stylish products from the best shops. Our technical lighting offer includes recessed fittings used for suspended ceilings, designer reflectors as well as wall and ceiling lamps in fashionable colours.