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Illuminated Decoration | LIGHTING of best brands | Furniture store 9design, showroom Warsaw

Illuminated Decoration

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Designing an interior is not only a matter of selecting appropriate furniture, but also decorating it with various elements. From large and strong features to the tiniest detail, decorations can add life to every space and complement every style. Selecting decorations, it is good to focus on designer decorative lamps, which serve not only as an aesthetic addition, but is also functional, lighting a given corner or a place in a room. Decorative lamps are original, unique forms that will add a unique character to every interior.



9design is a reliable shop with decorative lamps, where you will find exactly what you are looking for. Our extensive offer includes the best decorative design lamps, which will satisfy every taste and suit the style of every interior. From strong, neon variations, through the line of small spot lights, to surprising, animal forms – exclusive decorative lamps is an unbridled freedom of choice and self-expression in the area of interior design. They add an original, unique character to your shop, change you wardrobe in a Hollywood backstage, and will turn your kinds' room into a magic land – everything depends on your imagination and invention. With a wide selection of various lamps, you will be able to successfully choose a model that will best complement the style of your home. Do you prefer eclectic and original spaces? Or maybe industrial minimalism? Are you a fan of eco elements?



At 9design you will always find something for yourself. Modern decorative lamps that we offer are designed by the best European brands, such as Seletti, HK Living, MRMARIA, KARE Design, Bulinex, Miloo, Cotton Ball Lights or Interior. Through innovative approach, original ideas and the use of the best materials, these manufacturers create decorations incomparable to anything else. Choosing products by top European manufacturers selected by us, you choose originality that will make you surprise your family and friends. Express yourself in a unique way and change your interior with a single detail! Type, colour, intensity and dispersion of light can turn every corner into a relax, work or play zone. The influence of light on the design of a room can change it radically. Decorative lamps are a must in every smart home or flat.