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Ceiling Lamps

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Designing and furnishing a flat, one should not forget about one of the most important aspects, that is, lighting that consists of the main and spot lights. The former ones certainly include hanging lamps, which, if properly selected, will disperse the light in a room and make interior design more attractive. Moreover, they play an important role in the selection of individual zones in the house. Hanging them above the table in the living room, we will easily mark out a dining space, and placing a lamp above the kitchen island, we will separate a food preparation area.



It has become customary to install a single, main lamp on a ceiling. However, we do not have to follow this principle in modern flats. As two or more lamps hanging from the ceiling are more and more popular, especially in a living room combined with a dining area. offer includes hanging lamps that can be used in flats with diverse styles. Designer hanging bulbs are perfect for industrial interior designs. These lamps, without a lampshade or closed in both simple and elegant cages perfectly highlight the austere style of lofts. For modern flats, we will select minimalist or fancy lamps, such as Swirl Cone by Le Klint or futurist designs, like Altavola led circles model. Classic and glamour interiors, on the other hand, cannot do without phenomenal chandeliers.



We present hanging lamps by world manufacturers and designers of light fittings, including Artemide, Interior Space, KARE Design, LaForma or Altavola design. We kindly invite you to check our offer and place an order.