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Desk Lamps

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A desk lamp is a very important element of every study, office a child's room or a bedroom. It is necessary wherever you perform work that involves reading, writing, designing, using computer and all activities during which we have to look hard. A well-designed desk lamp influences our mental condition, concentration, work effectiveness and the condition of our sight. It quality is also reflected in effective and quicker learning ability and causes that we do not have to lean in order to read poorly lit fragments of text. It is a must at every computer, desk or work surface.



Designer desk lamps are characterised by several adjustment points, and thus the possibility of bending them in various ways to light materials we work on, directional fitting and proper contouring. 9design is a shop offering desk lamps, where you will find a wide range of models, materials, styles and brands. This, in turn, will enable you to choose a product that will perfectly meet your needs and preferences and, as result, will make your work more effective and pleasant.



We offer designer lamps by the best European brands, such as KARE Design, LaForma, Leitmotiv, Zuiver, Artemide, It’s About Romi, KASPA or Interior, which have for years been at the forefront of the best quality products. Choose a model that suits you and is consistent with the design of your home. Whether you prefer elegant, modern, Scandinavian, rustic or any other interior styles, you will certainly find something that meets your needs. We offer exclusive desk lamps made of interesting materials, such as metal, steel, aluminium or even wood, including oak wood. The wide range of selected products include, for example, industrial wooden structures, minimalist and original grey or white lamps, loft style models or austere industrial lamps. Choose modern desk lamps with subtle shades of a high or short structure, massive or modest, or ones with an industrial and functional toggle joint for light adjustment. 9design guarantees the best quality and innovative approach to design, which will provide you with the comfort of work and reading that you have never experienced before.