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Hanging Lamps | LIGHTING of best brands | Furniture store 9design, showroom Warsaw

Hanging Lamps

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Proper lighting is the basic feature in interior design. Even the best decor will not have the expected effect if you do not lay out light properly. As it has a great influence on a room – the layout, intensity, tone and dispersion of light can give a totally new character to our living room, kitchen or bedroom. Designing interiors, it is good to choose designer ceiling lamps, which provide not only proper lighting, but also chic, elegance and style from the best furniture shops.



How to select proper ceiling lamps? Everything depends on the style of an interior, its sizes and effects that we want to achieve. Selecting lamps that are different in terms of shapes and materials opens unlimited possibilities of designing and building the atmosphere of an interior. The visual magnification effect can be obtained by selecting bright and dispersed sources of light – thus we will light every corner of a room. The second type – focused, delicate light will let you create a cosy, intimate atmosphere at your home.



9design offers original ceiling lamp designs by leading European manufacturers. Models combining original concepts and innovative solutions use diverse materials, from blown glass, through metal and veneer, to fabrics. At our shop you will find elegant and traditional lamps for flats in classic style, austere hanging bulbs for lofts or futurist, metal and chrome shapes that are perfect for bold and modern designs.