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Sconces & Wall Lamps | LIGHTING of best brands | Furniture store 9design, showroom Warsaw

Sconces & Wall Lamps

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Designing interiors, one should not only select equipment and additions, one should select lighting that will not only fulfil its practical function, but will also create atmosphere. However, lighting is not always a classic hanging lamp. Designing interiors, it is good to choose less clichéd solutions, such as wall lamps or halogens.



These wall-mounted lamps, which have been known for ages, are back in grace. This solution is particularly popular in flats and houses with a small metric area, in which there is no room for larger light sources. Wall lamps and halogens are subtle and stylish – they are perfect for places where a regular lamp is too much. Their proper distribution in rooms such as a bedroom, a living room, a corridor, a hall or even a bathroom can bring an incredible effect, which will delight your family and friends. Designer wall lamps can stunningly highlight design details based not only on their look, but also the play of light and shadows that they offer. This kind of lamps will be an ideal addition to industrial or Scandinavian interiors, but also classic and modern ones – depending on the preferences and other furnishing elements.



At 9design we offer various kinds of wall lamps – from flat ones resembling a plafond, to models on moveable arms. We offer wall lamps by the best world brands, including: LaForma, Artemide, LZF, It’s About Romi, Dutchbone, Kaspa or Zuiver – leaders in the innovative approach to light design and manufacture.